2014-15 All Stars

2014-15 Academic All-Stars

 Name   Category of Excellence    Date      
 Meghan Brino  General Scholarship  October 5, 2014
 Ryan Cobb  Foreign Language  October 26, 2014
 Breanna Parker  Art  November 9,2014
 J R Jamora  Mathematics  November 16, 2014
 Bailey Coppedge   English & Literature  December 14, 2014
 Jake McClure General Scholarship    January 4, 2015
 Brad Reber General Scholarship  February 1, 2015
 Easton Williams Mathematics  February 8, 2015
 Kyle Van Frank  Drama & Speech  February 22, 2015
 Gabby Velasquez    English & Literature  March 8, 2015
 Zach Tabor  Career Technical/ROTC  March 29, 2015
 Kirkland Schuler  Music  April 5, 2015

Meghan Brino

Winner in General Scholarship

Meghan, a senior, holds a 4.9 weighted grade point average and scored 33 on the ACT. Currently, she ranks first in a class of 242 seniors. She recently was named a National Merit Semifinalist and received the top score of ‘5’ on all six of her AP exams. In addition, she has taken 13 honors courses and was selected for the Tennessee Governor’s School for the Sciences and International Studies. She chose to attend the School for the Sciences. She is vice president of the National Science Honor Society and secretary/treasurer of Mu Alpha Theta, the math honor society. She is a member of the National Honor Society, the National Spanish Honor Society and the Quiz Bowl team.  An aspiring veterinarian, Meghan is an avid competitor in horse shows. With her 4-H Club, she has competed at the state Hippology and Horse competitions, ranking ninth in Tennessee in Hippology. She is a member of the Key Club, the school’s service club, and was elected by her peers to be a member of the Honor Council. 

Ryan Cobb

Winner in Foreign Language

Ryan, a senior, has an insatiable thirst for knowledge as he tackles the study of the German language. Currently he ranks in the top five percent of a class of 242 seniors, holds a 4.8 weighted grade point average and scored 33 on the ACT. He views his study of German as a world to explore. When presented with an opportunity to study the language and culture in Germany, Ryan did not hesitate. During his sophomore year, he applied for, interviewed and was rewarded with a prestigious Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange scholarship. This gave him the opportunity to spend his junior year abroad. After only two years of German, he threw himself into his studies and soon became proficient in the language. He participated whole-heartedly in the school activities there including the choir and theatre. He joined a local soccer team and served as a U.S. Junior Ambassador, visiting and teaching German elementary school children English folk songs.   Returning to St. Benedict for his senior year, Ryan is highly involved. He is co-president of the German Club, a member of Mu Alpha Theta and the National Thespian Honor Society.  

Breanna Parker

Winner in Art

Breanna, a senior, is a top student and an insightful artist. She holds a 4.0 weighted grade point average and scored 29 on the ACT. With a keen sense of humor and love of history, she shows extraordinary talent as the editorial cartoonist for the school newspaper. According to the newspaper sponsor, Breanna’s cartoons are “precise, witty and reflect the emotion the staff wants to convey.” Breanna currently takes AP Studio Art, where she strives to improve and evolve as an artist. She is President of the National Art Honor Society and recently represented the school at two “Chalk Walks,” Sacred Heart School in Walls, Miss., and the Brooks Museum.  In addition, Breanna is a member of the National Honor Society and National French Honor Society. She is secretary of the French Club, a member of Students Against Destructive Decisions, and Students for Life. She is a Senior Retreat Leader and an active volunteer at the Shelby Farms Spooky Nights and Down to Earth festivals. Breanna also tutors in math for the Dyslexia Foundation in the summer and on Saturdays. 

J R Jamora

Winner in Mathematics

J R, a senior, is an academically and musically gifted student who plans to study electrical/mechanical engineering in college. He holds a 4.5 weighted grade point average and scored 35 on the ACT. He is an AP Scholar and currently is enrolled in AP Physics C (including Electricity and Magnetism option), AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Government and Dual Enrollment English. J R has a limitless thirst for knowledge and is highly respected by his peers. He is recognized as a leader with an intellectual humility that sets him apart from others.   With a passion for music, J R has consistently qualified for the Blue Band in “All West” concert performances. Last year, he even learned to play the trombone in one month, which led to his selection as a part of the orchestra for the school’s production of “West Side Story.” J R has been inducted into the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, National Science Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society and National English Honor Society. He is a member of the Knowledge Bowl team and a valued tutor.

Bailey Coppedge

Winner in English & Literature

Bailey, a senior, is a gifted student, extraordinary athlete and dedicated community servant. She holds a 4.38 weighted grade point average, scored 32 on the ACT and was named an AP Scholar. She is currently enrolled in Dual Enrollment English. She is editor of the school newspaper and plans to study communications in college. She also helped create a business, Toodles Enterprises, with her mother. She is the media specialist, creating the business web design along with responsibility for all the writing and branding.        A natural communicator, Bailey is often selected by her peers to captain teams and groups. She leads class discussions in a collaborative way that invites others to take part and is a strong critical thinker. She attended the Vanderbilt Summer Academy for Youth where she began writing a book. She has been tapped for the National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta.           Bailey is one of the 10 female state finalists for the Wendy’s High School Heisman Award for Academics, Athletics and Character. She is captain of the soccer and basketball teams.

Jake McClure

Winner in General Scholarship

Jake, a senior, strives for excellence in everything he does. He holds a 4.81 weighted grade point average and currently ranks second in a class of 242 seniors. He scored a perfect 36 on the ACT and a 2370 on the SAT. He has been selected as a National Merit Semifinalist. He has taken 11 Honors courses and seven AP courses plus Dual Enrollment English. He earned Magna Cum Laude and Maxima Cum Laude on the National Latin Exam. As a junior, Jake was selected for and attended “Operation Catapult” at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.  In addition, Jake is musically talented. He was selected for the school’s Show Choir and learned to play the piano for the award-winning jazz band. He learned to sing bass and earned a spot in the All-West Tennessee Honor Choir. He also was a pianist for the West Tennessee Student Blue Jazz Band. He has been tapped for the National Honor Society, National Science Honor Society, National English Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta. He is a member of the Knowledge Bowl Team, the Robotics Team, and he is chair of the Students for Life Club.

Brad Reber

Winner in General Scholarship

Brad, a senior, excels in all subjects while competing in three sports and holding leadership roles in clubs and councils. He currently is ranked in the top 5% of a class of 242 seniors. He holds a 4.46 weighted grade point average and scored 34 on the ACT. He is a National Merit Commended Student, a 2013 USMC Summer Leadership and Character Development Graduate and 2014 U.S. Naval Academy Summer Seminar Graduate. He also has received an ROTC College Scholarship.  As President of the German Club, Brad has organized tutoring and group outings and has worked to start a National German Honor Society. He is the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Student Government Association. He is a member of the National Honor Society, National Thespian Honor Society, National Science Honor Society, National English Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta. He is a senior retreat leader, Student Ambassador, for foreman for the Honor Council. He was junior class president.           Brad donates time to the Ave Maria Nursing Home and participated in the “Special Kids and Families Plane Pull” in Millington.

Easton Williams

Winner in Mathematics

Easton, a senior, is an outstanding student who enjoys any engineering project or problem. He holds a 4.62 weighted grade point average and scored a perfect 36 on the ACT. Currently, he is ranked third in a class of 242 seniors. Easton has been named a National Merit Commended Scholar. He is enrolled in five AP classes and Dual Enrollment English. He previously took AP Physics B and AP Chemistry, earning a top score of ‘5’ on each of the AP exams.  Co-founder of the school’s Robotics Team, Easton has attended several educational programs including a Career Exploration Day at Medtronic and a summer engineering camp at Christian Brothers University. He has been tapped for membership in the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, National Science Honor Society, Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society and National English Honor Society, where he serves as vice-president.  In addition, Easton is a Student Ambassador, SGA class representative, and member of the Engineering Club, Key Club and Knowledge Bowl Team. He is a four-year letterman as a pole vaulter on the Track and Field Team.  

Kyle Van Frank

Winner in Drama & Speech

Kyle, a senior, is a rare talent. He has been involved in nine school theatrical productions where he shows an instinctive knack for performance – pinpoint comic timing, a deep understanding of human behavior, and a wide variety of character voices and physicality. He is a gifted musician, playing the piano, trumpet and accordion. He also helped to start and coach a competitive forensics team, where he took home several first place awards the first year. Kyle holds a 4.36 weighted grade point average, expertly balancing extracurricular commitments with a tough schedule of AP, Dual Enrollment and Honors classes. Selected to the Orpheum Theatre STAR Council, Kyle earned the 2014 Best Supporting Actor award for his portrayal of Action in the school’s production of “West Side Story.” He played the beloved role of Nathan Detroit in a production of “Guys and Dolls” at the Bartlett Performing Arts Center. He co-directed the show choir musical, “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,” and has tried his hand at costuming in this year’s show choir production of “Aida.” Recently, he played the lead role of Brutus in “Julius Caesar.” He also attended the Tennessee Governor’s School for the Arts.

Gabby Velasquez

Winner in English & Literature

Gabby, a senior, is a gifted student who has an unparalleled love for Shakespeare. She holds a 4.1 weighted grade point average and scored 31 on the ACT. She has taken two Honors English classes and AP English Language, where she earned a top score of ‘5’ on the exam. She currently is taken Dual Enrollment English. She plans to study journalism at the University of Missouri. During her junior year, she won the annual Shakespeare monologue competition and was the only junior to place at the city wide ESU Shakespeare competition, where she placed third.   A passionate writer, Gabby has published more than 30 short stories online. One of her limericks was published in an anthology of youth poetry in the fifth grade. She serves the school newspaper as a copy editor and has made quite an impact. She is the “go to” person for grammar questions. Her writing is of the highest quality and her analytical skills are impressive. She is a member of the National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, International Thespian Society and Mu Alpha Theta. 

Zach Tabor

Winner in Career Technical/ROTC

Zach, a senior, uses his expertise and natural gift in technology to support the school’s theater department. He holds a 3.8 weighted grade point average and scored 28 on the ACT. Along with his backstage support, Zach is the main sound board engineer. With the acquisition of a new sound board, Zach took over and managed the complete set up and programmed the entire show of the school’s Orpheum Award-winning production of “West Side Story.”  An adept problem-solver, Zach has the ability to adapt quickly to a variety of situations that occur during a musical or theatre production. He is creative and hardworking, showing up early and staying late to make sure sound quality is at its best. Zach received the Excellence Award for Theatre, where he has donated hundreds of hours over the last four years in support of the Drama Department. In addition to his work as sound board engineer, Zach builds sets and makes props. He is a member of the Engineering Club and the Frisbee Club. He is an active member, leader and volunteer at his church. He also has volunteered with the Bartlett Animal Shelter.

Kirkland Schuler

Winner in Music

Kirkland, a senior, is a gifted musical student who has a magnificent range. She holds a 4.32 weighted grade point average and scored 32 on the ACT. She takes pride in fostering her love for the arts, particularly music. She gives her best in both solo and ensemble music. Mature beyond her years, Kirkland has the presence of a seasoned stage vocalist. She has been a member of the All-West Honor Choir and starred as Maria in “West Side Story,” which was selected the Best Overall Musical last spring. She currently is one of the leads in the spring production of “The Wedding Singer.” Determined to pursue vocal performance as a major in college, she has auditioned for the opera programs at both the University of Alabama and the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. She has been accepted at both schools and received the Presidential Scholarship at Alabama. She is a naturally talented performer, who has the innate ability to communicate a character’s emotions and tell a story with a song. In addition, she is a finalist for The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Young Entrepreneur Award for a business she started. She teaches piano to young students.