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2017 Catholic Diocese of Memphis Mother/Daughter Program Information

2017 Mother/Daughter Programs will be on Sundays, March 19 for 10 – 12 year old girls, and March 26 for 13 – 16 year old girls at Saint Francis Hospital Auditorium at 5959 Park Avenue. The Mother/Daughter Programs offer a wonderful opportunity for mothers and daughters to be together to learn about growing up and becoming a woman; respect for themselves and appreciation for God’s gifts of human sexuality and fertility. The programs emphasize the virtue of chastity, the sacredness of human life and parent-child communication. $25.00 per family. Pre-registration is required. Register online at Call Mary Pat Van Epps at Diocese of Memphis NFP Center (901) 373-1285 if you need more information.

Click here for a flyer about this wonderful program!