St. Benedict Celebration Show Choir

St. Benedict Celebration Show choir is an elite, award-winning vocal group that performs a variety of popular music, as well participates in the Show Choir and Spring Musicals.  They have traveled all over the country performing in cities like New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and others.  The Celebration Show Choir has brought home championships from many contests and festivals across the country.  Their unique style has made them appealing to a wide range of audiences, as evidenced by the increased demand for their performances.  The Celebration Show Choir is well versed in many different theatre techniques, which is why they are often features in the SBA Musicals.  An extensive audition is required to be considered for this choir.

What will your SBA Show Choir experience be?  Watch their recruitment video below to get excited about Show Choir!


Below is a video of the SBA Show Choir performing alongside the SBA Jazz Band during a 2013 8th Grade Visit Day.


St. Benedict Celebration Chamber Choir

St. Benedict Celebration Chamber is an all women, a cappella vocal group. Students gain experience in the study and performance of a diverse repertoire of vocal/choral music. The Chamber Choir travels to many different cities to compete in different contests and festivals. They have received many honors and accolades from places like the Chicago Windy City Classic and Festival Disney at Disney World. An audition is required for this choir.  Students receive instruction in proper vocal technique, musicianship skills, and the cultural and historical context of choral literature. Students will demonstrate expression and technical accuracy in a large and varied repertoire of vocal literature.