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St. Benedict at Auburndale is home to over 40 different Student Clubs.  With the diversity of these clubs, there is a club that will interest every student.  Each club has its own meeting times, membership requirements, and expectations.  Below you will find every club offered at St. Benedict along with their faculty sponsor.  If you wish to learn more about any of these clubs feel free to e-mail the sponsor with whatever you questions you have.  


 Academics Day    Kristin Hennessey-McDonald
 Ambassadors    Christine Armour, Tammie Ford
 Animal Rights Club    Jennifer Wiggins
 Art Club    Kristen Black
 Art Honor Society    Laura Beck
 Awards Day    Patsy Rush
 Band    Robert Kessling
 Basketball Cheerleaders    Heather Freel
 Benedicteens    Lori Wade
 Bridge Builders      Tom Brezina
 Bridge Club    Dianna Cervetti 
 CanStruction    Andrea Smith, Blair Seymour
 Cheerleaders    Heather Freel
 Chess Club    Pearson Allen
 Chinese Club    Cheryl West
 Dance Team    Beth Fischer, Lynn Albonetti
 Ecology Club    Jennifer Wiggins
 Engineering Club    Blair Seymour
 National English Honor Society    Pearson Allen
 Forensics    Ryan Kathman
 French Club    Cheryl West
 French National Honor Society    Cheryl West
 German Club    Maria Sanders
 German National Honor Society    Maria Sanders
 Global Outreach    Sondra Morris
 Honor Council    John Beattie
 Key Club    Eric WellsMary Cox
 Knowledge Bowl    Kristen Hennessey-McDonald
 Latin Club    Karen Terre
 Latin Honor Society    Karen Terre
 Literary Club    Jan Kaplan
 Literary Magazine    Cathleen Zeanah, Laura Beck
 Make-A-Wish    Stephanie Scates
 Medical Club    Jamie SchneiderMary Sutton
 Mock Trial    Karen Terre
 Model U.N.    Karen Timmins
 Mu Alpha Theta     Blair Seymour, Andrea Smith
 National Honor Society    Kaitlin Thackery
 Pep Club    Kathleen Muck
 Photography    Kristin Black
 Ping Pong Club    Darlene Nevle
 Poetry Club    Maria Sanders
 Poetry Outloud    Jan Kaplan
 Random Acts of Kindness    Annette Dabaldo
 Rho Kappa    Karen Timmins
 Robotics Club    Blair Seymour
 SADD    Nick Brashier
 Science National Honor Society    Ray Wynne, Patsy Rush
 Shakespeare Competition    Ryan Kathman
 Spanish Club    Paul Bryant
 Spanish National Honor Society    Yasenis Ayers
 St. Jude    Mary Calhoun
 Star Wars Club    Laura Beck
 Student Government    Heather Freel, Nick Brashier
 Students for Life    Sharon Masterson, John Paul Masterson
 Theatrical Production    Ryan Kathman
 Thespian National Honor Society    Ryan Kathman
 Wordsmith    Jan Kaplan
 Yo-Yo Club    Lori Wade
 Freshman Class Sponsors    Mary Cox, Ryan Kathman, Darlene Nevle, Tami Portanova, Jennifer Wiggins
 Sophomore Class Sponsors    Laura David, Christine Giles, Kristin Hennessey-McDonald, Patsy Rush
 Junior Class Sponsors    Amy Beatty, Jennifer Brannon, Nick Brashier, Tammie Ford
 Senior Class Sponsors    Causaundra Bradley, Stephanie Scates, Andrea Smith

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