Easy Ways to Give

Easy Ways to Give

Easy Ways To Give

Outside of the traditional gifts to school, there are many simple ways to help SBA just by continuing to do some of the things that you probably already do!  Below is a list of couple of those simple ways to give.  For more information on any of these ways to help our school, please contact the Development Office at 901-260-2840.  The proceeds from these two programs will go towards technology advancements at SBA (streaming capabilities, a digital sign out front, and an upgraded sound system in the gym).

Kroger Cards

If you shop at Kroger, you more than likely have a Kroger Plus card on your keychain.  If you go to www.Kroger.com and create an account using your Plus number, you can select St. Benedict at Auburndale as your Community Rewards Program organization of choice.  A portion of every shopping trip you make using your Kroger Plus card will then go to SBA!  You wouldn’t believe how much it adds up for our school! Click here for more details on how to designate SBA as your Community Rewards Organization.

SBA Gift Card Program - EAGLE BUCKS

The SBA Eagle Bucks Program allows you to earn money for our school programs or to go toward your tuition while shopping!  Just buy your gift cards from us!  They will make GREAT Christmas gifts!  To visit our Eagle Bucks information page, click here.  To place your order, you can fill out the form on our website or you can download the form here.  We have many gift cards in stock in the office, but orders are placed on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.  SBA receives a percentage of the sale of the gift card.