Principal  Sondra Morris 
Administrative Assistants Vicki Miller and Lisa Stotts
Directory of Campus Operations Ann O'Leary
Director of Admissions Terri Heath
Director of Special Events & Advancement Office Christine Armour
Director of Business Affairs Kathy Hurt
Director of Communications
and Sports Information
Sharon Masterson
Director of Development Matt Stark
Director of Alumni Eric Wells
Director of Technology Edgar Reyes
Senior Systems Engineers Silas Armstrong
Marlene Light
Director of Website & Administrative Computing Mitzi Donato
Director of PLUS Program Tammie Ford
Director of Digital Marketing Tonya Stark
Director of Academic Affairs Dr. Elizabeth Fischer
Co-Dean of Students John Cooley
Co-Dean of Students Adam Smith
Campus Nurse Lindsay Wilemon
Director of Maintenance Omar Castaneda


Director of Athletic Affairs,
Head Women's Basketball Coach
Caleb Marcum
Assistant Athletic Director Sharon Masterson
Head Boys Basketball Coach Rob Sabau
Head Baseball Coach Brandon Patton
Head Bowling Coach Eric Wells
Head Cross Country Coach Nancy Wehby
Head Football Coach John Cooley
Head Golf Coach Barbara Hervey
Head Boys Lacrosse Coach Steven Shipowitz
Head Girls Lacrosse Coach Latoya Brown
Head Boys Soccer Coach Nick Dressman
Head Girls Soccer Coach Hugh Jackson
Head Softball Coach Ashley Benbow-Scarborough
Head Swimming Coach Molly Pickering
Head Tennis Coach Barbara Hervey
Head Track and Field Coach Nancy Wehby
Head Trap Coach Tab Watters
Head Volleyball Coach Erica Lear
Head Water Polo Coach Molly Pickering
Head Wrestling Coach Don Madeksho


Freshmen Mary Cox
Sophomore Mary Cox
Junior Jennifer Brannon
Senior Stephanie Scates

Department Chairs

Computer/Newspaper/Yearbook Tammie Ford
English Cathleen Zeanah
Foreign Language     Laura Burke
Fine Arts  Laura Beck
Health/PE  Molly Pickering
Mathematics  Amy Beatty
Science    Patsy Rush
Social Studies Jim Epley 
Theology     Eric Wells


Teaching Faculty


Cathleen Zeanah (Chair)
Pearson Allen
Betsy Baker
Heather Freel
Tammie Ford
Sr. Mary Eileen Manion, O.P.
Marie Sanders
Kaitlin Thackery
Julie Vaughan



Amy Beatty (Chair)
Causaundra Bradley
Herman Jorgensen
Don Madeksho
Tim Pangonas
Tammi Portanova
Blair Seymour
Andrea Smith



Patsy Rush (Chair)
Debra Bautista
Jamie Schneider
Blair Seymour
Mary Sutton
Jennifer Wiggins
Ray Wynne


Social Studies

Jim Epley, Chair
Nicole Chrestman
Nick Dressman
Paul Frierott
Sr. Rita Marie Kampa
Caleb Marcum
Brent Patton
Rob Sabau
Don Sebren


Foreign Language

Laura Burke, Chair
Yasenis Ayers
Paul Bryant
Bertha Rodriguez
Maria Sanders
Karen Terre
Cheryl West



Eric Wells, Chair
Nick Brashier
Christine Giles
Sr. Rita Marie Kampa
Sr. Mary Eileen Manion, O.P.
Darlene Nevle
Adam Smith
Lori Wade


Computer, Yearbook, Newspaper

Tammie Ford, Chair, Yearbook
Hugh Jackson, Computer
Michael Williams, Newspaper


Fine Arts & Performing Arts

Laura Beck, Chair
Kristin Black
Christina McKinney
Lori Wade
Michael Williams


Health / PE

Molly Pickering, Chair
John Cooley
Brandon Patton
Brent Patton
Adam Smith
Marlon Walls



Lisa Dufur