Fine Arts Facilities

Fine Arts Facilities

Fine Arts Facilities


Positioned as the “heart” of St. Benedict is the 250-seat chapel located in the center of the building and its focal point. The building is constructed to surround the chapel.  As soon as students walk in, they realize that the chapel is a special place, a holy place and a place for quiet and reverence and prayer. Mass, retreats, prayer services, First Friday Adoration and individual time for reflection make it truly the heart of the school.


Knowing that the classroom is not the only arena where learning takes place, SBA provides a wide variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The 395-seat theatre offers a stage shop, art production space, dressing rooms, control booths and state of the art multimedia projection and sound systems for musical and dramatic productions and concerts. Each year, the Theatre Department produces quality productions with the likes of Grease, Twelve Angry Men, Singin’ in the Rain and Steel Magnolias. Our annual Crossroads Concert Series is another one of the many cultural events provided for students as well as the community.

Band Room and Choral Music Rooms

Adjoining the state-of-the-art Performing Arts Theatre are the choral music rooms with costume storage and the band room with sound-proof rehearsal/practice cubicles and instrument storage. Both rooms amply provide the performing arts department the necessary facilities and equipment for the musically inclined student.

Visiual Arts Classrooms

Visual Arts enhance the Fine Arts Program with facilities to accommodate many levels of drawing, painting, sculpting, graphic arts and photography. The Art wing includes a kiln room, graphic arts technology and a photographic dark room.