2018-19 SOAR Packet

Thursday, August 2, 2018

SOAR Session I   8:30 am - 11:30 am, SBA Gym
SOAR Session II  5:00 pm - 6:30 pm, SBA Gym


Welcome to SOAR Day – Student Organizations and Registration. You are welcome to attend either of the two sessions listed above.

Please be sure to review all information on this SOAR Day page.  Complete any necessary forms before attending a session to ensure a quicker and more efficient registration process!  PLEASE NOTE: Each organization/club will require a separate check as all monies go to different accounts.  Cash is acceptable, too!    

Parent and Student Handbook & Acknowledgement Form

All parents and students must review the Parent & Student Handbook before the school year begins.  Please download, print and sign the Parent & Student Handbook Acknowledgement Form. (Both parent and student must sign the form.)  This form must be turned in to the Handbook Acknowledgement Form table on SOAR Day.

Click here to view the Parent & Student Handbook.
Click here to download the Parent & Student Handbook Acknowledgement Form.

SBA Meal Plan Information - MMI Dining

These three flyers include information from MMI on SBA Meal Plans.  An MMI representative will be available at SOAR Day to accept payments and answer any other questions you may have.  

Click here to download the MMI Student Dining Plan information.
Click here to download MyPaymentsPlus information. 
Click here to download the MMI Meal Plan Registration Form.

SBA Medicine Policy

This form outlines SBA's policy regarding Distribution of Medicine at School.  Students are not allowed to carry ANY medication at school and over the counter medicine, such as Tylenol, may not be given at school without a prescription.  If your child needs to take prescription drugs while at school, this form must be filled out and kept on file in the Health Room. Please turn in Medicine Authorization Forms at the Medicine Policy Table

Click here to download the form.

Locker Information

All students have been assigned a locker.  The locker number and combination are included on the detailed student schedule.  There will be a table at SOAR Day to report any locker issue (combination, mechanical issue, etc.). 

Click here for more information regarding lockers.

Home & School Registration

The Home & School Association provides service through volunteer efforts for many events at SBA throughout the school year.  Because they do not fundraise, they request a $40 per family donation to help take care of all of the special activities that Home & School help support.

Click here to download the information and membership form, or you can Click here to join and pay your membership online.

The Home & School Association will have used uniforms for sale during SOAR Day.

Eucharistic Adoration Guild

A favored tradition at SBA is First Friday Eucharistic Adoration.  Parents are needed to be present in the Chapel during these hours each month.  Please stop by this table to sign up.

PE Uniforms

Students taking a course in the PE Department (Wellness, Weight Lifting, Athletic PE and Recreational Activities) are REQUIRED to purchase SBA PE Uniforms.  There will be a table at SOAR Day selling T-Shirts ($10) and Shorts ($12) that may be worn during PE Classes. 

Athletic Department

The Athletic Department will have a table at SOAR day for parents to receive information about sports physicals, season passes, football parking passes, letter jackets, sports activity fee, and much more. 

Click here for more information.

Parking Procedures and Parking Permits

Parking Permits will be available for purchase at SOAR Day for $10.  Please read through the Parking Procedures, and fill out the bottom portion to purchase a parking permit.   

Click here to download the form.

March for Life Information & Forms

For over 20 years, SBA has sponsored a trip to Washington, D.C. in January for the nation's annual March for Life.  This packet of information contains an informational letter from our March for Life sponsors as well as all permission slips, forms, and waivers needed to attend the trip.

Click here to download the complete information packet.

Be Smart-Drive Safe

The Diocese of Memphis requires completion of an online defensive driving course to be eligible to drive on field trips.

Click here for more information.

Simple Ways to Help SBA

There are lots of easy ways to help SBA. Two ways are through our Eagle Bucks Gift Card program and our Kroger Community Rewards program.  The proceeds from these two programs will go towards technology advancements at SBA (streaming capabilities, a digital sign out front, and an upgraded sound system in the gym).

The SBA Eagles Bucks program allows you to earn money for our school programs while shopping!  Just buy your gift cards from us!  They will make GREAT Christmas gifts!  You can order either by downloading the order form and turning it into the school office or by submitting your order online.  Click here to download the order form.  Click here to access the online order form.

Our Kroger Community Rewards program allows you to give back to SBA while using your Kroger Plus card.  Click here for information on how to register your Kroger Plus card online.

Carpool Request

In an effort to help our families who might be interested in setting up a carpool to/from school, we will be collecting a list of everyone who turns in this form at SOAR Day.  All of the information we collect will be compiled into a EXCEL database that will then be posted on PlusPortal for parents to use.  If you are interested in setting up a carpool, please fill out this form and bring it with you to SOAR Day. 

Click here to download the form.


Stop by the Yearbook Table on SOAR Day to pick up your copy of the 2016-17 Yearbook.  Yearbooks will only be distributed to the student or his/her family members. 

Calculator Rental & Requirements

There will be a table at SOAR Day with calculators available for rent from SBA.  These will be available on a first come, first serve basis. 

Click here for info about prices & class requirements for calculators.

SBA Class T-Shirts

Show your class SPIRIT!  The SBA Cheerleaders will be selling the new Class T-Shirts for the 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021 classes.  Stop by our table to get your T-shirt before they sell out!!!

Click here for more information.

SBA Spirit Shop

The SBA Spirit Shop will be open for business at SOAR Day with lots of new items and styles!  This is a great time to buy some SBA Gear to wear to athletic events and on Spirit Days at school.  Think Spirit!  Think St. Benedict!  Think Eagles!  Think Pride!

Additional Course Fees

Some classes require additional course fees.  These fees will be billed in September after schedules are finalized.

Click here to see the list of additional fees.

SBA Social Media

Stop by the SBA Social Media table to find out what we have planned for 2017-2018!  Click here for more information.

Project Graduation

Project Graduation information and the permission form can be found by clicking here.

Additional Information and Sale Tables

Plan to visit our many clubs and sports teams tables for information and spirit items--student planners, socks, lanyards, clothing and more!

Click here for more information.