Big Fish comes to the SBA Stage April 12-17

Edward Bloom has lived a full and fantastical life, populated by witches, giants, and mermaids, marked by true love that stops time in its tracks, and framed by heroics that push the limits of believability. His adult son, Will, is no longer amused by his father’s fantastical tales, insisting on a rational rather than a fantastical account of one’s life. When Edward’s health declines, and Will learns that he and his wife, Josephine, will have a son of their own, Will decides to find out his father’s “true” life story, once and for all. Big Fish is a heartfelt, powerful, and truly magical musical about fathers, sons, and the stories that we use to define our identities. With exciting and beautiful music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa, and a funny, heartwarming book by John August, Big Fish is a magnificent “big fish” of a tale, itself -- spectacular, fantastical, and overflowing with love. (

Big Fish showcases the wonderful talents of Aris Federman (Ed), Marc Anthony Marconi/Joseph Zazarra (Will), Somer Smith/Sarah Hovanec (Sandra), Alyssa Williams/Zoe Nunn (Jenny Hill), Teryco Bolden/Josh Hamann (Karl), Zach Crawford/Andrew Barczak (Amos), Karen Benedict/Erin Bargiachi (Jospehine), and the fantastic Ensemble: Colin Zazarra, Zandar Card, Sydnei Sutton, Hayes Golightly, Jacob Kersting, Heather Mize, Brianna Jones, Meredith Brown, Breeana Shelton, Lauren Haygood, LaResha Gregory, Christina Rochette, Rachel Hosp, Emma Van Eps, Penny Rosenberg, Alex Miller, Sarah Mercer, Adam Brigance, Maya Keith, Drew Jones, Lance Jamais, Patrick Flynn, Carlo Casama, Jessica Foster, Emma Twele, Lucy Garry, Emylee Enright, Tori Capadona, Mary Huddleston, Abby Simpson, Lily Hogan, Zoie Couch, Molly McDonald, Cheyenne Sanders, Sarah Montgomery, and Alexa Pangonas.

Play Dates – Thur-Tues, Apr. 12-17, 7pm
Reserved seat tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door (while they last).




Welcome to the Theatre Program at SBA!
The theatre program at SBA is an awesome place to experience the fine arts and to be a part of something unique and rewarding here at SBA. Students who participate in the theatre program enthusiastically love being a part of this program. Michael Williams, Director, brings drive, focus, detail, and passion into the program, where students learn to not only perform well on stage, but to also learn about various aspects of the world of theatre, its history, and how it affects the world around us. The Theatre Program has many components from productions and stage crew to classes for acting and technical theatre. Students are offered opportunities to perform, grow, learn, explore, and participate in various events. Our performers are made up of athletes, students involved in government, musicians, ambassadors, traditional theatre-driven students, and much more. Theatre truly is for everyone, and we would love to have you as part of the family.

Productions at SBA are top-notch, with great attention to character/plot development, sets, costuming, makeup, lighting, sound, and all the various parts of a show that make it so rewarding to be a part of. Typically, there are three shows each year: Fall/Comedy, Winter/Drama, Spring/Musical. All shows are challenging, full-length productions meant to challenge students and to provide a professional theatrical experience for our audiences. Auditions for productions are open to every student at SBA – no limitations based upon prior experience or placement in theatre classes. We want you as a part of our productions, and to experience what it is about theatre that makes students want to do it again, and again.

Acting classes at SBA are structured to guide students from the basics of acting to more complex means of expression. Earlier classes focus on acting games and exercises, light improv, and exploration of the body, the voice, the face, and the senses. As classes progress, students move into monologue, dialogue, emotional exploration, and eventually writing, directing, and designing. Any student with a desire to learn more about acting and the process of theatre is welcome to sign up for these classes. Students are expected to take all material seriously, and to approach all work with dedication, enthusiasm, and an eagerness to grow.

Technical Theatre classes at SBA are the backbone of set construction, lighting design, sound, and various other technical aspects of all productions at the school. Students are expected to build, paint, invest hours toward shows after school, and must be part of the stage crew for every production throughout that given semester. This class is for hard working students who want to help to build and enhance the theatre program.