Academic Facilities

Academic Facilities

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Positioned as the “heart” of St. Benedict is the 250-seat chapel located in the center of the building and its focal point. The building is constructed to surround the chapel.  As soon as students walk in, they realize that the chapel is a special place, a holy place and a place for quiet and reverence and prayer. Mass, retreats, prayer services, First Friday Adoration and individual time for reflection make it truly the heart of the school.

Distance Learning Center

Cutting-edge technology is a focus at SBA with its multi-tiered Distance Learning Center for off-campus lectures, classes and conferences.  SBA also hosts the Eternal Flame Series, offering evening classes for parents, grandparents and the community.


The SBA facility has 54 core classrooms offering traditional college prep classes as well as Honors and Advanced Placement courses in English, foreign language, history, math and science.  Learning of basic and advanced science, math and computer technology is facilitated by three state-of-the-art computer labs, four smart rooms and seven science labs as well as Fine Arts and Performing Arts classrooms.  Classrooms are comfortable yet modern to meet the needs of a student in the 21st century.

Computer Lab

SBA offers many technological capabilities with our state-of-the-art computer system including a user-friendly website, three computer labs, wireless computer carts and teacher laptops. Parents and students can check grades, current lesson assignments, report cards and more on a weekly basis.  SMART Boards are another feature of the SBA computer system which turns a classroom-sized display into a touch panel for use by the instructor.

Smart Rooms

Another feature of the cutting-edge technology at St. Benedict are the SMARTBoard™ rooms. These boards turn classroom-sized computer-image displays into touchpanels on interactive whiteboards that can bring the Internet to all students at one time. By using these interactive whiteboards, SBA teachers can provide visual instruction in a modern and more rapid pace than typical boards. 

Science Lab

Combination classrooms and science labs provide expanded educational capabilities. The rooms have common prep areas allowing for demonstrations, discussions, teacher interaction and access to technology.


Our Media Center/Library serves as the heart of the academic program with a 4,400 square- foot reading area and 25 computer carrels.  Students are able to find quiet study rooms or relax in the casual environment while studying with friends.  Click here for more information about our Library including a link to our catalog and a list of various research databases that our students can access.

Visual Arts

Visual arts encompasses a multitude of disciplines and facilities to accommodate the creative student. It includes a sculpture kiln, videography, digital and graphics arts labs along with a standard photography film processing lab. Landscape art is also encouraged by utilization of the outdoor art patio next to the two main art rooms.