Textbook Information

St. Benedict uses MBS Direct as our official textbook partner. The primary textbook format is “digital”, utilizing downloaded eBooks and online textbooks on the MBS website. The digital books will have a rental period of 365 days.  However, some books will be rented/purchased at the beginning of the school year with instructor assistance (VitalSource, other publishers and workbooks).  Also, some classes will have no textbook required.  If a hard copy is wanted instead of, or in addition to, eBooks, the ISBNs will be available, by request, from Lori Wade, textbook coordinator, at

Course listings will be emailed to all registered students, and the MBS bookstore will be open on June 21st.  Final schedules will be mailed in July.

Many books, but not all books, are rented/purchased through MBS Direct.  Any digital book is a rental and will expire 365 days from the initial rental date.  Books and/or classroom materials that are not available through MBS Direct are listed below under VitalSource Purchases and Textbooks/Workbooks.  On the MBS website, you will see these items listed as "Materials Available from Instructor."  Your student will rent/purchase/receive these books the first week of school with instructor assistance.

NEW and TRANSFER STUDENTS: You can rent/purchase your books at anytime.  But please do not download these “digital” books until after you have received your laptop.

MBS Purchases
The MBS Bookstore opens on June 21, 2021 and digital books can be rented by using the course numbers listed on the student's Course Schedule that will be emailed in July.  Free shipping dates start July 30th on purchased of $99 or more.

To rent/purchase books through MBS, you can access our portal on MBS's website by clicking here. Using the student’s Course Schedule, books are purchased by selecting the appropriate course number for each class. After selecting the course numbers, then clicking on View Your Materials, books available for purchase will be listed or you may receive the following messages:

  • “Materials Available from the Instructor” - these are textbook/workbooks that will be purchased the first week of school with help from the student’s instructor.

  • “No Text Required for this Course”

VitalSource Purchases
These are rentals and will be purchased straight from VitalSource.  Verify the expiration date with the length of the class.  Click here to see the 2021-22 VitalSource courses and prices.

School-supplied textbooks and workbooks, along with course fees, will be billed through FACTS.  Click here to see 2021-22 Course and Textbook/Workbook fees.  These fees will be billed in September, after all schedules are finalized.

Please note:  More than one of these options may apply to a course.

Below you will find information from BNC K-12, powered by MBS's website:
As your school's official textbook partner, BNC K-12, powered by MBS, offers cost savings, convenience, reliability, and host of services to meet your textbook needs. Here’s how it works:

  • BNC K-12, powered by MBS maintains the official listing of your school's courses and course materials.

  • Order textbooks online, by phone, fax, or mail.

  • Choose from a variety of payment options.

  • Orders are shipped within 24 hours to your doorstep. Minimum shipping and handling for hard copy materials is $12.75. eBooks and emailed access codes are not charged shipping and handling.

  • When setting up your BNC K-12, powered by MBS account, you will create an account using an email address and a password that your student will remember. It can be the parent’s or the student’s email address. The same user ID and password is needed for the VitalSource material (free app) to be downloaded to your student's laptop.