Online school day

Online school day

We will utilize our existing learning management system, PLUS PORTALS, in addition to Microsoft TEAMS. Other methods may be utilized, including YouTube, by each teacher. Each teacher will post a daily lesson with the expectation that all students will access and complete the assignment daily. Assignments should be electronically submitted back to the assigning teacher on a DAILY basis.

We realize there will be many questions. To know who you should contact, please refer to the initial list below:

~If your child is too ill to complete the daily assignments, please email Mrs. Wilemon, R.N., our school nurse. Mrs. Wilemon will be in communication with faculty regarding excused absences.  (

~If your child has questions regarding an assignment, an email should be sent to the teacher. Each faculty member will be closely monitoring their emails Monday - Friday, from 8 am - 3 pm. (email available in PLUS PORTALS)

~If your child needs access to a library book or database, please email Mr. Bryant, our media specialist. (

~If you or your child feels the need to reach out to a school counselor, please do so by email. Our school counselors will be monitoring their emails during the school day as well. 

 9th and 10th grade counselor: Mrs.  Cox (

11th grade counselor: Mrs.  Brannon (

12th grade counselor: Ms. Scates (

~If your child is experiencing issues with his/her school-issued laptop, please email our IT office. (

~If your child is having issues with accessing online textbooks, please email Mrs. Sutton. (

~ Please note that all areas of our campus are closed (including all athletic fields).

~If your child needs to retrieve something from the building, please email Mr. Hooper, Campus Safety & Security Director. (

~If your child needs a state Attendance Form for driving permit, email Mrs. Miller. (

~If you or your child experiences any issues with your PLUS PORTAL, logging on or accessing your account – email Mrs. Donato. (

~All office staff (Business Office, Admissions, Athletics, Communications, Campus Operations, Advancement & Marketing) and Administrators are also available via email each school day as well.  

As referenced in the communication today from our superintendent, Mrs. Janet Donato, we hope to return to campus on Monday, April 13, 2020. Due to the fluidity of this situation, we will communicate updates as regularly as possible. Be assured of our prayers and we ask that you keep the SBA family in yours.

God Bless and Go Eagles!

Tips for making the transition to distance learning:

  • Find a quiet location in your home to conduct schoolwork
  • Daily assignments will be given which count as daily attendance
  • Keep current with all coursework and submit work to teacher daily
  • If possible, have available: earphones/earbuds
  • Make sure electronic devices are charged
  • Learning tools available: Plus Portals, TEAMS, YouTube, Zoom, Outlook
  • Download the mobile version of appropriate learning tools
  • Course materials (books, ebooks, notebooks, worksheets, calculator, pencil, pen, etc.)
  • Email teachers during the school day with questions or concerns
  • If you have an incomplete from the 3rd quarter, contact the faculty member

Final exams and school events are being considered and discussed  - we will communicate as soon as possible.

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