D. I. H. D.

(Diversity, Inclusion, Human Dignity)


Diversity Committee Mission Statement

St. Benedict at Auburndale is committed to fostering a community that embraces the Catholic Social Teaching, which calls for respecting the human dignity of every person, embracing diversity and inclusion, and condemning bigotry in all its forms. The St. Benedict at Auburndale Diversity Committee (The Diversity Committee) is tasked with combatting racism, intolerance, and all other forms of discrimination. The mission of The Diversity Committee is to promote social justice and equality by recognizing and valuing all student’s perspectives, creating policies that promote inclusivity, and fostering an equitable environment that is emboldened by cultural diversity and enables students to excel academically and spiritually.  This endeavor will be guided by the words of our patron Saint, St. Benedict – Ora et Labora (prayer and work). We ask that you pray for our community, today and every day, as we work together to create a world that embraces the love of humanity and the love of Christ.

Diversity Committee Members

Adam Smith
Paul Frierott
Kaitlyn Stoddard
Mark Hooper
Jennifer Brannon
Sr. Rita Marie Kampa
Fr. Dexter Noblefranca
Will Hudgens
Marlon Walls
Dr. Beth Fischer
Sondra Morris
Dr. Leah Miller
Jeremy Williams
Hannah Jones

For any questions or concerns regarding diversity and inclusion, please email diversity@sbaeagles.org.