FOR ONE Program

FOR ONE Program



Focus, Faith and Friendship

The Complete High School Experience

St. Benedict‘s FOR ONE Program offers an individualized and highly-tailored path through a traditional, grounded high school experience — designed for students who succeed best with intensive teacher focus and academic guidance through a program designed just for one student.

It begins with a four-year curricula that features a four-to-one student-teacher ratio for most subjects. While the range of special circumstances and learning challenges can be broad, this program is reserved for teens that will most thrive with a customized approach to high school.

Built on a foundation of faith and a commitment to the benefits of the social skills developed in the high school years, FOR ONE adds specialized and highly trained academic attention, encouragement, and structure. It means four students for every educator, four years of a meaningful high school achievement, and a valued St. Benedict diploma through a program designed just for one student.