Our Media Center/Library serves as the heart of the academic program with a 4,400 square- foot reading area and 25 computer carrels.  Students are able to find quiet study rooms or relax in the casual environment while studying with friends.

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Note to current students & faculty:  Some of the online databases below require a user name and password.  You will need to access your PlusPortal account to locate this information. 


Library Links


  SBA Library Catalog 
  Student Research Center, Literary Reference Center, Points of View
  Social Studies databases for world history, American history, American government, world geography, and current issues
  Tennessee Electronic Library (Gale Infotrac) available via the Tennessee State Library
  Worldwide interactive website with maps
  Electronic reference books across many disciplines
  Literary criticism in the areas of Shakespeare, short stories, 19th & 20th century literature, and contemporary literature
 The Gale Power Search Widget is a tool provided by Gale that allows students to search all Gale resources that have been purchased by SBA.


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   Salem Online History Resources
   Salem OnlineHealth Resources
width: 164px; height; 63px; Salem Online Science Resources
   Salem Online Literature Resources
   Sharpe Online Reference Library
   Resources in a broad range of scientific disciplines and mathematics.
   Current news and developments in science and math with hot topics emphasized, such as climate change, genome projects, fossil finds, and stem cells.
   Science E-Learning Modules: Biomes of the Earth, Energy and the Environment, Essential Chemistry, Genes and Disease, Genetics and Evolution, Global Warming, Green Technology, The Human Body, Physics in Action, and the Plant World. 
 eBooks - Literary Criticism