Our Story

Our Story


It is a great time to be an SBA Eagle. Founded in 1966 on the belief that no two children learn the same, St. Benedict at Auburndale High School continues to excel in that commitment, guiding our students through individualized paths to success. Serving students in grades 9-12 in a Catholic, Co-Ed, and College Prep environment, we know we have the recipe for success.

Our students and alumni are decorated in academics, arts, athletics, service, and leadership activities. But it is the unquenchable SBA spirit, the heart of "The Nest" that makes our school special. Last year, our graduating seniors garnered 14.7 million dollars in merit-based scholarships, were accepted into 117 different colleges and universities, and will be attending 42 of those schools across 18 states.

However, here at SBA, we know our greatest accomplishment is not in restricted to the classroom, stage, or field. Rather, it is our commitment to our faith and instilling our students with values that will guide them for a lifetime and prepare them to soar. In the true spirit of St. Benedict and his hospitality, we hope you will stop by, take a tour, and learn more about the SBA experience.

God Bless and Go Eagles!

Sondra Morris, Principal



The Auburndale School was founded in 1966 by Mrs. Mary Alice Riggs Smith. The first Auburndale senior class graduated in 1976. On January 14, 1988, Bishop Buechlein announced the Catholic Diocese of Memphis purchased the Auburndale School. Plans, terms, and even a name, St. Benedict at Auburndale, named after the patron saint of Bishop Buechlein’s order, were agreed upon. The diocese reached out to The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia in Nashville to come to SBA and enlighten it with a strong spiritual and religious presence. As the demand for a quality Catholic high school education grew, SBA received more applications than they could admit. In July, 2004, after several years of discussion, fund-raising, and construction, SBA moved next door to the new campus and underwent a transition into a high school-only setting, serving grades 9 through 12.