PLUS Program

PLUS Program

The PLUS Program is a part of the St. Benedict college prep curriculum.  The program serves students with a diagnosed learning difference with an average to above average intelligence in preparation for college. 

Acceptance to the PLUS Program is based on a psychological evaluation that is no more than three years old, previous school records, the high school placement test and interviews with the student and parents.  The evaluation team reviews these documents, and recommendations are presented to the applicant’s parent.  Placement in other special education programs does not guarantee acceptance in St. Benedict’s PLUS Program.

Students in SBA’s PLUS Program must follow and pass the curriculum mandated by the state of Tennessee in order to receive a high school diploma from St. Benedict.  No IEP is written; however, a profile is developed from the psychological testing that consists of the student’s strengths, weaknesses, accommodations and learning difference.

The small teacher/pupil ratio, individual and classroom accommodations, parental support and positive teaching result in a strong work ethic and academic growth which instills confidence and builds self-esteem in our students.   Accommodations recommended in the diagnostic testing which hinder the preparation for higher education may not be offered.

Students enrolled in the PLUS Program may take some traditional or honors classes and schedules are reviewed yearly in order to meet individual needs. 

The PLUS Program has helped many students graduate from high school by giving them the ability and skills to continue their education.   However, it is a rigorous college prep program.  Parents and the students must be committed to the high standards of the college prep curriculum.

For the forms required to complete and submit an application, please refer to the Admissions Process section.  Please note the two additional items required for application to the PLUS Program.

For more information, contact Terri Dickens, Director of the PLUS Program or email