Loyalty circles are a way we recognize your generosity and provide a sense of community and camaraderie among our SBA community.

SBA's longstanding tradition of excellence is fueled by the ongoing generosity of our parents, grandparents, faculty, alumni, and friends. Your support profoundly impacts the daily student experience, making outstanding opportunities possible in the classroom and beyond. All donors are recognized in the school’s annual Philanthropy Report.

The Bishop’s Society 

St. Benedict at Auburndale is the only Diocesan high school in Memphis and is currently under the pastoral leadership of Bishop David Talley.  

  • All members of the Sisters of St. Cecilia Circle ($1,000) and above, will be invited to an annual Bishop’s Society event.  

Benedict’s Circle $10,000 +  

Saint Benedict, the namesake of Memphis’ only Catholic, co-educational high school, is the father of Western monasticism and founder of the Benedictine Monastery at Monte Cassino, Italy.  

Ora et Labora Circle $5,000 - $9,999  

The transformational legacy of St. Benedict’s “Ora et Labora” - “Prayer and Work,” offers a fundamental rhythm to the balance and order of human life.  

Bishop Buechlein Circle $2,500 - $4,999  

Under the leadership of Bishop Buechlein, the Catholic Diocese of Memphis purchases The Auburndale School on January 14, 1988. Bishop Buechlein, a Benedictine, renamed the new campus St. Benedict at Auburndale.  

Sisters of St. Cecilia Circle $1,000 - $2,499  

Honors the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia in Nashville who have inspired our Eagles since the founding of SBA and currently enlighten the SBA campus with their spiritual and religious presence.  

Leadership and Legacy Club $500 - $999  

Honors the Religious and lay leadership of St. Benedict at Auburndale – Stanley and Dr. Alice Smith of The Auburndale School (1966-88), Sr. Mary Samuel Hanwerker (1988-1992), Father Richard Mickey (1992-1996), Dr. Mary McDonald (1996-1998), Frank Linxwiler (1998-1999), George Valadie (1999-2013), and Sondra Morris (2013-Present).  

The Eagle Club $200 - $499 

Honors the faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends of SBA who are proud to call “The Nest” their home.  

The 66.88.04 Club Up to $199 

Recognizes the milestone years in the history of St. Benedict at Auburndale – The Auburndale School is founded in 1966, the Catholic Diocese of Memphis purchases The Auburndale School and renames St. Benedict at Auburndale in 1988, and in 2004 SBA moves to their new campus and transitions into a high school.