Uniform Guidelines

Uniform Guidelines

Uniform Guidelines

 (The following is an excerpt from the Student Handbook regarding Uniform Guidelines. To view the entire Student Handbook, click here.)

General guidelines for both boys and girls

  1. Student uniforms are required from the time a student his/her first classroom until the end of the last class as well as lunch periods, between class sessions, etc. All other clothing must be stored in student lockers during the day.
  2. Anytime a student feels the need to wear something for additional warmth, there are only five acceptable option.
    • Blazers with a crest logos
    • sweaters with a monogram
    • a navy blue monogrammed fleece jacket.
    • a navy blue monogrammed jacket.
    • a ¼ zip monogrammed fleece for the boys

    All five items are available only at Parker Uniforms.

  3. Students should be well groomed at all times. Hairstyle and color must not be a distraction. Abnormal styles and colors are not permitted. Uniforms are to be cleaned, pressed and everything worn must be in good repair. There can be no strings, no holes and no writing on the uniforms.
  4. Shoes must not be open-toed and must have a full back. If shoes are made for laces, then laces must be worn or tied. Regarding color - all shoes must be either brown, black or saddle-oxford. No tennis / bowling / walking / jogging / bedroom slipper / slipper-type shoes are acceptable.
  5. No sunglasses, nose rings, studs, body piercings or visible tattoos are allowed at school or while participating in extra-curricular activities. Students may wear one necklace or choker. Students are not permitted to wear excessive or faddish jewelry. For a student’s benefit, all uniforms and personal property should be clearly labeled as the school cannot be responsible for lost articles. A lost and found is located in the administrative office. Unclaimed items are donated to charity at the end of each semester (announcements are made Daily prior to this happening).
  6. Shirt and blouse sleeves may be rolled up. Any undershirts must not be visible except at the neckline – and those must be white. Students may not wear printed t-shirts underneath their blouses / shirts. ONLY those underneath t-shirts that are not visible need not be white, but no printing is allowed.
  7. The school reserves the right to make decisions about any items or styles not specifically addressed here and to send any student home who does not comply with these regulations.
  8. If extenuating circumstances exist that would prevent a student from wearing the uniform, these should be explained in writing by the parent and sent in to the Dean of Students’ office before the first period.Fridays will be considered “SBA Spirit Wear Days.” In addition to what is normally acceptable, students are allowed to wear official SBA jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts as long as these are worn over the regular uniform. No other schools’ spirit wear is acceptable.
  9. Scarves, hats, etc. are not part of the SBA uniform and are not allowed during the school day.

For Girls
Only one color of Parker Uniform fabric is acceptable but there are now three optional styles (two types of skirts, one jumper.) Skirts should fall no higher than two inches above the knee.The only acceptable blouses are available at Parker (both short and long sleeve) and are designed to be worn outside the skirts.

  • Solid white, solid black or solid navy socks only. Socks must extend several inches above the ankle bone.
  • Tights are acceptable in solid white, solid black or solid navy. Leggings are not acceptable.
  • Shoes with full backs -‘wallabie-style’ is OK, ‘mule-style’ is not. Colors are limited to black, brown or saddle-oxford. No boots (hiking, western or army) and no slipper-type shoes are allowed.
  • Limited to two pair of matching earrings – only through the ears.

For Boys

  • Khaki pants only. (Pants need not be purchased at Parker Uniforms but they must be that same color of khaki.)
  • White or light blue button-down oxford shirts that must be completely tucked in and buttoned at the top.
  • There are now four acceptable uniform ties available from Parker Uniforms. Ties must be tied properly and completely pulled up.  The new bow-ties are either a pre-tie or a hand-tie option.  They must come from Parker School Uniforms also. 
  • Dark dress belt.
  • Socks must be several inches above the ankle bone.
  • Shoes with full backs - ‘wallabie-style’ is OK, ‘mule-style’ is not. Regarding color – shoes must be brown, black or saddle-oxford. No boot (hiking, western or army) slipper-type shoes are allowed.
  • Hair should be neat, simply styled, not below the eyebrow, the top of the ear or the top of the collar. Face should be clean-shaven at all times. Sideburns should not be lower than the bottom of the ear. A school ring in addition to a ring on each hand and watch are considered suitable for school wear. No earrings, nose rings or posts are allowed.

SBA occasionally allows students to wear something other than the normal school uniform. (1) On Fridays, students can wear SBA spirit wear on top of their normal school uniform; (2) Out-of-uniform days; and (3) Special costume days.

Guidelines for Out of Uniform Days

  1. Shoes are required. Other than uniform shoes are allowed but none that are flip-flop or shower style.
  2. No clothes that are torn, ripped or frayed. No mesh, no holes.
  3. No shorts. Girls skirts must be no higher than four inches above the knee.
  4. No backless, strapless, bare midriff or halter style tops. No undergarments can show. No blouses or tops which expose the midriff when the wearer is in any position.
  5. No profanity, obscenity or inappropriate printing or advertising.
  6. No “costumes.” No hats. Normal jewelry rules apply.
  7. No sweatpants, pajama pants, scrubs or similar items are allowed.


Guidelines for Special Costume Days
If any thing different is allowed – or disallowed – it will be announced in advance.